NomadWear was created by Comistar Estonia. Comistar Estonia helps e-residents to start and run their e-residency businesses. Having helped many entrepreneurs to start and run their companies through the years, we wanted to do something completely different. As we’re passionate about entrepreneurship and digital nomad lifestyle, we decided to launch a print-on-demand merchandise brand highlighting messages about what it takes and what it means to be an entrepreneur and an independent individual. These messages reflect what we believe in. We know there are entrepreneurs out there who live by the same truths and values as we do. Get in touch with us, follow us on social media and be part of our growing community of brand ambassadors.

Important notice: NomadWear is a print-on-demand e-shop. This means that once you place your order, the item will be produced and sent to you. This makes the delivery times a bit longer than we would like as we don't keep stock. Our outsourced production company has shown great consistency with the quality and delivery time, but we’re ready to deal with any problem that you as a client may experience. Please note that any possible problem with the order does not reflect the quality of the professional services provided by Comistar’s offices around the world.